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TOPAZ Signature Pad - Build 62+ Setup

In PARCS "Setup Menu"
- in "Program Settings" turn on Topaz bottom of middle column
- in "Additional Controls" add record with TOPAZ in Control Ref and path to signatures in Memo field (Default is c:\parcs11\sig\ )
       if networked path should be example \\parcsserver\parcs11\sig\ note ending slash

Call to signature app is in Modify Reservation when customer is checking in
- Call up customers reservation and check in then click on "Topaz Signature" button to activate signature app
- When signature app appears click on "Sign Now" button then the guest can sign on the pad (You will see the signature appear as it is signed)
- When guest finished click "Save/Close" and signature is saved in "\PARCS11\SIG\" folder as reservation number jpeg i,e, "A258.jpg"
- Note NO Spaces in path allowed

Topaz Systems Signature pads
Tested with Model T-S460 USB

If you have a "Support Contract" call for help