Recommended PC requirements for PARCS

Email Integration with Office to send Reports etc.
    Outlook 2013 and Thunderbird ( can integrate with office to make emailing easy

POS Equipment (available from

Magnetic Card Reader - like POS-X (Xm95) USB - Configuration Software
Bar Code Scanner - like LS2208 USB Scanner (LS2208-1AZU0100S)
Receipt Printer - POS-X Xr520 USB Interface w/ Autocutter
Cash Drawer - MMF Cash Drawer Val-u Line Cash Drawer - Requires Printer Cable

NOTE: If you are storing CONFIDENTIAL Information on your PC you should use full hard drive/OS encryption software like Microsoft Bit Locker.


* Daily Repair and Compact
  Create a shortcut to C:\PARCS11\P1100DB.ACCDB (PC that has the PARCS11 Database)
  Add to the target line /compact /repair  "C:\PARCS11\P1100DB.ACCDB /compact /repair"

*SYA and daily off site-backups required