PARCS11 First Install - 2 Steps
(You must be a Windows Admin to install)

***  64 bit Windows with 8g+ Ram and 256+ SSD  ***

1) *** Install MS Office Access 32bit  *** 
      FYI: Uninstall any older versions of Access first - Note: You Cannot Mix Office32 and Office64 bit
      Best to have updated windows 10 to latest build before starting

   Download free Runtime2016  
Install 32 bit Option (ReBoot PC)

2) Install PARCS11 (Start on the PC that will be your PARCS11 Server with the database)
    Download and run setup11.exe (apx. 25MB)
   This step is required for PARCS to work on any new PC as it installs all the support modules required.


------------------------------------ Data Conversion on PARCS11 Server PC Only ------------------------------------

Note: If you are installing PARCS11 on a diffrent PC then copy the PARCS9 folder (That has the live Database) to the C drive of the new PC (Do a repair Compact first on PARCS9)

(DATA ON SERVER ONLY - Click and WAIT for each step to show completed before clicking on next step - Microsoft Office Access 2016 required to run .accde programs)
NOTE: If you see an error message, check the table shown for a bad record and remove it. If still problem download the PARCS9 rebuild and run.

NOTE: You will have to manually copy any email templates to PARCS11 folder from your PARCS9 folder
            (Maps will be transfered by convert utility (they are now P1100.jpg & .map)

IMPORTANT: Check out conversion for compleateness and accuracy before using it for live production
                        When satisfied Hide the old PARCS9  icon from the desktop so no one accidently books on old system
                        This database conversion is only done on the single PARCS server PC that has the live database!
                        If you have client PC's then the Server's C:\PARCS11 folder needs to be shared for read/write access by others

IMPORTANT: You are responible for backing up offsite your own data
                           The free SYA utility should not be the only backup strategy.

FYI: This is an upgrade from MS Office Access 2003 to 2016

Daily Repair & Compact - On the PARCS11 Server PC only - Check if SYA11 on desktop works

The c:\PARCS11 folder must be marked trusted to office 2013, 2016 or 2019
Trust settings: TrustPARCS11-2016.reg (For MS Office Access 2016) check c:\parcs11 folder for more
(Hold ALT Key down to download .reg file rather than showing it)

-------------------------------Turn off annoying warnings -------------------------------------
Turn off UAC (Type 'user account control' in Control Panel search box) Slide Bar to "Never Notify" (Reboot Required)

------------------------------------ Client PC's ------------------------------------

NOTE: Maps (P1100.jpg & and Email  Templates need to be coped to local client PC C:\PARC11 folder
              Check the PARCS setup/email to point to new location of email templates. (Server location is best)

--------------------------Installing RunTime ------------------------

If error running re-download (Main cause is the full ~212MB file was not fully downloaded)
First Time running PARCS11 (For Office 2016 RunTime Only)

Note: Full Version of MS Office Access 2016 gives you more options for Printing, eMailing and eXporting...

Just Close

Convert9to11 installer

After installing download and run TrustPARCS11-2016.reg
(Hold ALT Key down to download .reg file rather than showing it)

Notes: Defragment and compact database to improve performance in Microsoft Access -
                      An SSD does not need to be Defraged


------------------------- Dropbox ------------------------------

PARCS11 Setup -

PARCS11 Update

Notes: You cannot mix 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Office
PARCS uses 32bit Office and Windows 64 bit

TIPS: Network sharing (Password requested when none)

* Evaluation password is 'parcs'
* Option Start MS Access with realtime processor for use on server
* Try Before you buy (Purchase form)
* Important to always install PARCS on the "C" drive!
* If Required you can manually set MS Access trust center to allow c:\parcs11 folder & sub folder access (c:\parcs11\TrustPARCS11.reg) (You must be signed on as windows administrator)

Note: Never run PARCS thru two switches on a network only 1 to connect DB to all clients

Other Notes and Tips


* Remove any older Access Runtime if any installed

* Notes if SYA11 gives OWC10.dll error just run again or reinstall SYA from the Download Utilties section

* For Topaz Systems Signature Pad setup see Videos

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