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POS Printers/Scanners/Cash drawers

NOTE: If you are storing CONFIDENTIAL Information on your PC you should use full hard drive/OS encryption software like Microsoft Bit Locker.

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==============Common Factors Responsible for the Corruption of Access Database===================

Faulty Networking Device - MDB files can get damage due to faulty networking device when you try to access database files remotely. The fault can be in interface cards, routers, network cables and hubs. To fix this issue, you must replace the faulty network device.

Abnormal or Accidental Shutdown - If your MS Access application get closed abnormally or unexpectedly then it may leave the Access database damaged. Therefore, it is always suggested that you must properly exit the open database. The Jet Engine immediately marks the file corrupt and blocks its access to others. Power failure, hard disk failure or network data conflicts may lead to database exit improperly.

Jet Database Engine problem - If several non-compatible Jet Database Engines runs on one network then it may result in an error and can leave the database files damaged. Once it gets corrupted then it becomes very tough to recover Access database from this corruption.

Virus Infection - This is one of the prime factors that can corrupt and damage all data stored in your system including your Access files. Once infected, you will not be able to open your MDB database files.

Minor corruption can be fixed with built-in compact and repair utility but for severe corruption one can use MS Access Repair and Recovery software.

Daily Compact and Repair of Database keeps it fast and reduces risk of Corruption